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Prime Water Products co offer a full range of high quality products, experience and services to help meet our customers’ specific needs.

Pumps Full line supply

We offer High Quality Pumps cover customer needs of Pressure Boosting system, HVAC pumps, Sewage pumps, Firefighting pumps, Circulation pumps, submersible pumps, Hygienic pumps, Dosing pumps and Pump controls. As well as start up and commissioning. Full products range under one supply responsibility.

Pumping system solutions & consultancies.

We are able to help you with system design, system evaluation or optimize existing systems.

Customised Solutions

• High Pressure applications :

o High pressure pumps are subjected to demanding operating conditions. To avoid unexpected downtime, we provide special pump and shaft seal design, bearing, etc.

• Hot Liquid applications :

o We provide solution for steady steam production, poor inlet conditions, hot temperatures. Etc.

• Difficult liquid applications :

o When pumping dangerous liquid, safety is all important, we provide solutions for aggressive and abrasive liquids, hazardous and hardening as well as flammable liquids.

• Temperature control:

o Pumps used in applications involving temperature control are exposed to very low or very high temperature as well as fluctuations, this extreme exposures stresses the materials due to thermal expansion or contraction.

• Hygienic applications :

o we provide solution for pumps used in industries where a hygienic production is crucial, have to comply with strict requirements as to design, materials, surface quality and cleanability.

• Special installation requirements:

o Certain type of installation required a different pump design than the traditional vertical pumps. We provide solutions for applications involving horizontal mounted pumps, belt-driven pumps, etc.

• Pump Audit :

o 2/3 of all pumps installed today are inefficient and use up to 60 % too much energy. Appointment with Consultant, onsite inspection, diagnosis and recommendations our tools for optimized processes

• After Sales services & Pump spare parts:

o After sales service and Spare parts availability ex-stock add a value to our partner




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